With Halloween, comes chocolate.  It’s impossible to avoid – candy in a bucket at the office, or at home in your child’s trick-or-treat stash.  With all the decadent Halloween treats, we explore possible beneficial effects of chocolate on vision.

Cocoa contains three antioxidants – Tannins, polyphenols and flavonoids. Researchers have provided evidence that each of these are beneficial to overall health.  For example, previous studies show flavonoids improve blood flow to the heart and brain.

Recent research published in JAMA Ophthamology suggests that dark chocolate, in particular, may be beneficial for sight.  The study compared participants who had been given dark chocolate and milk chocolate. The participants showed about a 40% improvement in small letter contrast sensitivity two hours eating dark chocolate (70% cocoa).

Though the study was done on a small sample of subjects, it suggests that dark chocolate could positively impact vision.  More research needs to be completed to determine the full effects of chocolate on vision and overall health.  That said, chocolate confections are made with sugar and contain fat and other ingredients that negatively impact health.

Our advice – Enjoy dark chocolate this Halloween in moderation.  Happy Halloween!

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