Clarifye Exam

The Clarifye Exam is the latest in cutting edge technology for looking into your vision health. Eye exams for the last several decades have been virtually the same, but with the Clarifye Exam we are able to map the unique fingerprint of your eye.

It allows Dr. Rocha to view and track the subtle changes to the cornea of your eye over a period of time. It even allows your Optometrist to distinguish the small differences between day and night vision needs.

Clarifye Advantages

Clarifye is the digital eye exam that shows you more. You get a quicker, deeper dive into your vision that makes sense.

  • No other eye exam is more precise.
  • Initial digital measurement in about 60 seconds.
  • A more comprehensive understanding of your eye health.

Clarifye is also a quick and easy exam for kids. It not only is a smooth and kid friendly exam, but also allows you to see what your current vision is and what your vision would be once corrected.

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